Frequently Asked Quesions

Here you can find commonly asked qustions and general information.
If you don't find the answer to your question you can always contact us via email. See the botom of the page for info.


What do I pay for?

The general rule is:

Consumables are ok to use in reasonable quantities.

This means you are allowed to use e.g. screws, nuts, tape, solder, resistors, capacitors for a project. You are however not allowed to take large amount, e.g populating multiple PCBs, then you will have to buy your own.

Parts such as sensors, microcontrollers, motors etc. are NOT FREE and can be bought from the CASE association via the iZettle located in the rapid prototyping room.

Material such as 3D printing filament och plastic sheets are paid by weight and can also be bought from the iZettle.

What machiens/eqipment can I use?

The following machines require a completed course to use:

  • 3D Printer
  • Laser engraver
  • Vacuum former
  • Workshop machines (drill press, band saw, bench belt sander, CNC)

There is a general rule when it comes to using equipment and machines:

"Only use equipment and machiens you have the proper training on and can use safely."

This means that you are allowed to use equipment if you know how to use them, examples are:

  • Soldering equipment
  • Hand tools (e.g pliers, screwdriver, hack saw)
  • Measurement equipment (e.g multimeter, tachometer, oscillioscope)

If you unsure about how to use the equipment ask for help.

As a last note, always follow the guidelines for each equipment or machine. (E.g use the fume extractor and mat when soldering.)

When can I work on my projects?

CASE Association members are allowed to work in the lab between 17-24 on Mon-Fri and 07-24 Sat-Sun.

How do I become a member?

Visit the lab while someone in the board is there. This is easiest at Thursdays between 17-19 since a board member will be there.

Check out the become a member guide for more information.

PCB (Printed Circuit Board)

How do I manufacture my PCB?

CASE recommends JLC PCB for manufacturing your own PCBs. CASE organizes group buys from JLC PCB and Mouser to help members with projects. CASE pays for the shipping and you pay for the PCBS/components. Orders are made study weeks 2, 4, 6, 8. That means 4 orders each study period. Read more under FAQ - > Group buys.

Software for creating PCB

There are tons of good ECAD (Electronic Computer Aided Design) for creating PCBs, some examples are Ki-CAD and Eagle.

CASE recommends Eagle by Autodesk since it is easy to get going and the CASE Association has a library with components that can be found in the LAB.

The library can be found on here, on github.


Create a booking

1. Check if a resource is available by going to Schedule -> Bookings.

2. Create a booking by going to Schedule -> Bookings and clicking the desired resource. Enter begin and end and hit Create*. Your booking is now created and will show up for everyone.

* You may optionally add a title for everyone too so see what you are working on :)

How do I use CASE LAB booking?

Go to the booking website at If you don't yet have an account you need to register as a new user.

In order to book a resource you need to have the appropriate course completed. E.g you need to attend the 3D printing course to use the 3D printers.

All resources that are shown in CASE LAB Booking require booking.

A booking can only be made at most 2 weeks in advance.

3D printing

Where can I buy material?

At the iZettle self service kiosk. You pay for the material used, both for the print and waste material.

What materials can I use?

Ultimaker certified materials are ok to use, others are not. The range of certified materials is large and can be found here. We try to keep most of them in stock.


Here are some recommended youtube channels for 3D printing:

What software should I use?

CASE recommends using Cura by Ultimaker since it is the supported slicer for the FDM printers in the LAB. Ultimaker has lots of videos and articles on how to use it. Youtube also has lots of great videos.

Group buys

Mouser group buy

The Association are placing a order every even studyweek (LV2, LV4, LV6, LV8) if the total sum is over 500 SEK for all orders, which is usually the case. All members can order through the google form and pay by Swish.

The order is placed at 12.00 on fridays, anything that comes in after that will be in the next order two weeks later.

Order form here

JLC group buy

The Association are placing a order every even studyweek (LV2, LV4, LV6, LV8) and pays for the shipping and customs. All members can then order through the form and pay by Swish. The price for 5 ordinary 2-layer PCB in any color is only 50 SEK and you can also place an arbitrarly order to get more options.

The order is placed at 12.00 on fridays, anything that comes in after that will be in the next order two weeks later.

Go to the order form here.