CASE, Chalmers Autonomous Systems and Electronics, makes it possible for members to attend the lab after school (17:00). CASE's purpose is to raise the knowledge and interest in electrical/embedded systems and mechatronics.

The association is open for all Chalmers students, employees and alumni.

For more information about us check out the rest of the website!
You don't have to asp to apply to the board,
and you don't have to apply to the board in order to asp.
You do not need to be a member to aspire.

Come and join us! it will be fun!

Friday 2/2
Board Info

Whether you are just curious about what CASE is, are considering becoming a member or perhaps have thoughts about applying for the board, you are welcome to hang out with us in the lab, Friday 2/2 from 17:00!

All Chalmers students are welcome!

Saturday 10/2

Building is a meticulous blend of calculated precision and creative flair. Collaborating in tandem with the aspiring minds from Lindholmens Makerspace, we embark on a journey of innovation and creativity. Think of it as crafting a mechanical masterpiece with a flitting touch. Construction becomes a dance between the warmth of creativity and the cold, unwavering precision of engineering. The final device, like an impeccably mixed concoction, stands as a testament to the seamless blend of imaginative design and expertise.

Surprise(s) may occur!
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Saturday 2/3
Cold C.A.S.E

Get ready for a night of laughter, games, and DIY fun! Join us as we build your chosen drinking device and indulge in a lot of entertaining games.

Saturday 23/3
Glizzy Griller Championship

How can a barbeque be automated? How can the perfect hot dog be grilled at the perfect temperature and angular velocity? Learn this and more when you visit us at 12:00 the 23:rd of Mars at the lab! Multiple components will be at your disposal in order to achieve the ultimate barbeque-session!

Hur kan en grill automatiseras? Hur kan den perfekta varmkorven grillas vid den perfekta temperaturen och vinkelhastigheten? Lär dig detta och mer när du besöker oss kl. 12:00 den 23:e april i labbet! Flera komponenter kommer att stå till ditt förfogande för att uppnå den ultimata grillsessionen!

Join our asp-channel in the discord

The channel will be our communications nexus throughout the asp, ensuring that everyone is in the loop and engaged in the dynamic flow of information.
Here, we'll not only share crucial updates and notify you promptly about any changes but also share a space where members can casually chat or ask questions. We encourage an open and interactive environment, where questions find swift answers, happy exclamations are shared, and the atmosphere is lightened with the delightful touch of memes.
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Association nights

Torsdagar 17:00 är som traditionsenligt byggkvällar! Kom till labbet för att jobba på ett eget projekt, starta något med någon annan, gå säkerhetsrundvandring, eller bara tjöta och hänga! Om man är sugen brukar vi även röra oss mot J.A. Pripps någon gång efter 19:00 när folk blir hungriga!

Thursdays 17:00 are traditionally construction nights! Come to the lab to work on your own project, start something with someone else, go on a safety tour, or just hang out! If you're in the mood, we usually move towards J.A. Pripps sometime after 19:00 when people get hungry!

Board application

The application will officially open at the culmination of the aspiration period.
Stay tuned for the application opening.