Chalmers Autonomous Systems and Electronics opened in October 2019.
All Chalmers students are welcome through courses by day and the association, CASE, by evening and weekends. Employees can also join. The lab has equipment, tools and components you need to build your electric, integrated project!

This website is created and managed by the CASE association.

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CASe Lab

The CASE LAB is owned by Chalmers and run by the institution of Electrical Engineering in Johanneberg. The lab is primarly for project courses like the bachelor thesis and hands on courses. It is the meeting point for students interested in electronics, embedded systems, ECAD, PCB design, AI, VR and much more.

Here you will be able to do everything from 3D-scanning a jet ski to surface mount printed circuit boards.

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Besides CASE LAB there is a student driven organisation, Chalmers Autonomous Systems and Electronics Association, or CASE Association for short. The CASE Association makes it possible for its members to use the lab after school (17:00). CASE's purpose is to raise the knowledge and interest in electrical/embedded systems and mechatronics.

Opening hours
    Mon-Fri: 7-8 and 17-24
    Sat-Sun: 07-24

The association is open for all Chalmers students, employees and alumni, no matter the program or interests.

The CASE community also has some interesting projects you might want to check out and take inspiration from. We have developed prototypes ranging from electric vehicles with custom PCBs, robotic pets and RC cars/drones to cosplay accessories, home decorations and art.

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The wiki contains information about equipment and machines in CASE LAB.



In order to use one of the larger machines (3D printer, Laser Cutter e.t.c.) you will have to book a spot.


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