CASE Lab is owned by Chalmers and run by the institution of Electrical Engineering in Johanneberg. The lab is primarly for project courses like the bachelor thesis and hands on courses. It is the meeting point for students interested in electronics, embedded systems, ECAD, PCB design, AI, VR and much more.

Here you will be able to do everything from 3D-scanning a jet ski to do surface mount printed circuit boards.

CASE LAB Opening

CASE LAB opened on friday 4th of October 2019 for courses. Alot of people attended and a small video showcasing the LAB was done by chalmers. Check it out!
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Petter Falkman

The man behind the construction of the lab is Petter Falkman. Without him CASE Lab or CASE Association wouldn't exist. Together with the CASE Association and helping hands from students they developed the foundation for the LAB.
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Autonomous Jet Ski

One very intersting bachelor project that is taking place in CASE LAB is the autonomous jet ski in co-op with SSRS (Svenska Sjöräddningssällskapet).
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The Lab is packed with machines for rapid prototyping and electronics, have a look.

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Have a look at some of the more interesting equipment that is available in the Lab.

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In order to get access to the lab you will have to read and stay up to date with the current rules. These can be found on Canvas.

Can be found on Canvas