Become a member

Want to become a part of CASE association? Great!
In order to become a member you will have to follow the steps outlined in this guide.

Access to CASE Lab

Due to rules everyone that have access to CASE Lab must have knowledge about the safety rules. These are held by the employeed and CASE board. After completed course you will have the neccesaty knowledge for access to the lab.

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Access to equipment

For all machines, 3D-printer, Laserengraver, Vacuumforming etc. you must have completed a special course. Theses course are held by the employeed and CASE board. After completing a course you will have all neccesary knowledge to start using the equipment.

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1. Read the regulations for both the Association and CASE LAB. You will need to know and follow these rules in order to be in the LAB. The rules can be found here.

2. Register and pay for memebership by visiting the Association in the CASE LAB on Thursdays 17-19 on normal study weeks.
The annual fee is 100 SEK.

3. Register an account on CASE LAB booking. It's needed to get access to the LAB and use some of the machines.


It is currently not possible to become a member and obtain access to the lab due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

For bachelor thesis groups looking to obtain access to the lab. Please contact Chalmers employee Rikard Karlsson instead at


Safety Course

Once you have become a member you will get access to the CASE Lab course on Canvas where you can do the safety quiz.

The safety quiz is part of the safety course which is needed in order to get access and be allowed to work in the lab.

Completing the safety course requires the following:

1. Complete the safety course module on Canvas.

2. Attend a safety walkthrough of the lab.*

Walkthrough are held in the lab on Thursdays 18.00 on normal study weeks (no sign up required).

* If you've already completed a safety course from the previous year the walkthrough is not required but you still have to finish the mandatory parts on Canvas and send us an email that you've completed it. Only then will you receive access.


Start building!

Once the walkthrough is completed you are allowed in the LAB on CASE Association hours.

Some of the machines like the 3D printer and lasercutter requires a introduction course in order to use. This is primarly for safety reasons and to reduce maintenance. In order to attend these courses you can apply here.

Once you have a machine license you will be able to see the resource in CASE LAB booking.

Tip: Read through the FAQ