In order to use the more advanced machines and tools you will need to complete a small course for that machine. This is to ensure that no damage to you or the machines are made. You will learn how to operate the machines and what to think about when designing parts for the machine. Once you have completed a course you will be able to book the machine through our booking software.

3D printing course

This course will teach you how to use all of the FDM printers. It will also give you some tips about how you should think to succed with your prints.
Comming soon

Laser engraver course

The Laser Engraver Course will teach you how to safely operate the laser engraver. It is mandatory for being able to use the machine.
Comming soon

Battery safety course

If you want to handle Li-Ion, Li-Po or any other high current battery you must have completed the BSC, Battery Safety Course. It is to ensure that you know the risks and CASE LABs rules about handling batteries.
Comming soon

Vacuum forming course

The vacuum forming machine is quite simple to use. With this mandatory course you'll be able to vacuum form your own creations.
Comming soon

Workshop course

In the workshop there is two machines that this course is mandatory. The drill press and the band saw. It is neccesary that you'll learn how to use them to not hurt anyone else, the machine and yourself.
Comming soon

Oscilloscope course

This course will teach you how to use the oscilloscope in your projects. It will teach you the GUI and how to read a data bus.
Comming soon